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As the busy owner of an HVAC company, your list of day-to-day priorities probably looks something like this:


1. Serving your customers
2. Managing your employees
3. Trying to get enough sleep

With so many responsibilities and things constantly vying for your attention, time is of the essence, and you want to make sure that you’re spending it on the things that will have the biggest impact on growing your business. Today, we’d like to suggest that blogging is one marketing strategy that certainly fits the bill.


Although it is often overlooked by small business owners who are strapped for time, blogging is a very effective way to increase your exposure and build your reputation in your market. Businesses who harness the power of blogging consistently stand out from their competitors and drive impressive results. If you’re still not convinced, read on for the top 3 things blogging can do for your HVAC company.

1. Blogging bolsters your SEO efforts

There are many changing factors that can impact your website’s performance in local search results. However, one thing in particular stands the test of time: content. All of the major search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.) respond favorably to unique content in determining the order of websites in search results. You can include target keywords throughout your blog content to increase your site’s relevance for search terms you want to rank for, and show search engines that you’re the go-to source for information about the heating and cooling industry. Posting a steady stream of fresh content on your blog is a cost-effective and powerful way to supercharge your SEO performance.

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2. Blogging establishes authority

When you publish high-quality informative content on your website, you signal to your website visitors that you are an expert in your field. This in turn builds trust, which is invaluable in acquiring new customers for your HVAC business. If this all sounds great to you, the even-better news is that creating great content doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive—you’re just sharing what you already know! Examples of types of content you could post include how-to guides, comparisons, and helpful tips and tricks. You might also consider sharing knowledge about new products you carry, or new developments within the HVAC community. Try to always answer a question or solve a problem for your target customer. Once you have built a library of informative blog posts on your website, customers will be impressed by your knowledge and more likely to award you their business.


3. Blogging encourages sharing

One of the amazing things about content is that when people find a great piece of it, they are more than happy to share it with their family and friends. With just a few clicks, you can add buttons for your readers to share your blog posts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social platforms. That is why when done correctly, blogging creates an excellent opportunity for free publicity and exposure for your brand, making it a crucial piece of comprehensive marketing strategy. The key here is to focus on creating QUALITY content, as opposed to just a high-volume of it. As much as we would like to believe otherwise, people simply will not repost content if it is not useful or fails to solve a problem for them in any way. Provide real value for your customers, and they will often be willing to return the favor.

While the landscape for content marketing is more competitive now than ever, the time and effort invested into blogging pays off in spades for business owners who do it well. As countless HVAC business owners can attest, making the effort to build and maintain a blog is difficult, but more than worth it in the end.

To help get you started on your journey to having a high-performing HVAC blog, we put together a calendar of topics you can pull from for inspiration. Click the link below to download it for FREE.

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