Case Study: Isacco Tile and Granite

Client: Isacco Tile and Granite

Industry: Stone Fabricator / Tile and Granite Installation

Services Provided: SEO, Website Optimization, Google My Business Management

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Isacco Tile and Granite, a premier provider of high-quality tile and granite installation services, faced stiff competition in their local market. They struggled with low online visibility, which translated into fewer customer inquiries and a stagnating sales growth rate.



WebRocket Digital collaborated with Isacco Tile and Granite to develop a robust online marketing strategy. 


The focal points were:


SEO Optimization: Conducted thorough keyword research to target individuals actively searching for tile and granite services. Implemented on-page and off-page SEO tactics to improve search engine rankings.

Website Revamp: Overhauled the existing website with a focus on user experience, load speed optimization, and mobile responsiveness to engage potential customers effectively.

Google My Business Management: Optimized their Google My Business profile to improve local search visibility, ensuring they appeared in local searches and on Google Maps.



  • +Increased Organic Traffic: Within six months, Isacco Tile and Granite saw a 150% increase in organic website traffic.
  • +Boost in Inquiries: Monthly customer inquiries jumped by 200%, with a significant portion attributed to the enhanced Google My Business profile.
  • +Sales Growth: Sales revenue increased by an impressive 120% as a direct result of the improved digital presence and higher ranking on SERPs.


= Conclusion

The strategic marketing initiatives implemented by WebRocket Digital enabled Isacco Tile and Granite to not only meet but exceed their growth objectives, cementing their status as a top provider in their local market.


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