The Secret to Getting 140+ Calls a Month

Explosive Business Growth for Carpet Cleaning Franchise with Local SEO and Google Ads

What would 140 calls every month mean for your business? 


For the owner of Raleigh Chem-Dry, that situation is no longer a hypothetical; it’s now the reality, thanks to the combined effects of local SEO and goal-oriented PPC management.

About Raleigh Chem-Dry

Raleigh Chem-Dry is the largest North Carolina branch of the successful Chem-Dry carpet cleaning franchise. At the start of our partnership in January 2020, the business was receiving a total of just under 20 calls a month from SEO and PPC efforts. Certainly not the worst we had ever seen, but we knew there was ample opportunity for improvement. We sought to maximize the potential of both free and paid traffic channels to create a perfect storm of exposure for the business.


The first few months were all about laying the groundwork. We rebuilt the website, completed some foundational SEO tasks, and started driving targeted traffic through pay-per-click advertising.




COVID came along in March, but it didn’t disrupt the upward progress we were already beginning to make.

To weather the storm (and set the business up to come out successful when it was over), we held firm in our proven local SEO and PPC strategies and continued to execute on them daily. In the months that ensued, we saw the number of calls gradually increase and by the end of month 6, it had already reached more than 4X the original.

In tandem with the increase in calls and form fills, we also saw a sharp decrease in the cost per click of the company’s Google Ads. The $7.91 average cost per click we saw in January had fallen to just $3.02 by the end of June. How did we accomplish this? At WebRocket, we believe in hands-on management of Google Ads accounts, which means that we monitor and make necessary changes daily in order to drive down costs and increase conversions. The $4.89 drop in the average cost per click was the result of countless landing page optimizations, changes to the offers and calls-to-action, and calculated bid adjustments.


Now that the foundational work was done and we had already seen tremendous gains in both rankings and conversions, it was time to keep our feet on the gas to continue driving the volume of calls and form fills upward. We did this by building out backlinks, location pages, and adding fresh SEO-friendly content to the website. As we did this work, we also continued closely watching the performance of the paid ads and looked for opportunities to improve.


By October, these efforts had resulted in an additional 39% increase in calls and a 9% further drop in CPC.

Fast forward to our most recent month, and the results have been truly remarkable.

From the start of our engagement until now, Raleigh Chem-Dry has witnessed a massive 741% increase in calls, and a 775% increase in form fills. Additional gains include more than doubling the website’s traffic and cutting cost per click by almost 200%.


Since independent owner and operator Trent Barnes came on board with us in early 2020, he’s watched his business grow leaps and bounds due to the combined effects of local SEO and goal-oriented PPC management. Our dedicated digital marketing strategies have helped him to significantly grow his home service business while remaining focused on serving his customers in the best way possible.The story of Raleigh Chem-Dry is one that demonstrates the power of consistency and a willingness to commit to the process over the long haul.


If you’re ready to take the first step in achieving results like this for your business, request a free proposal or schedule a call to speak to one of our strategists.

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