How One Local Drywall Company More than Quadrupled its Google My Business Calls in Just Two Months

The Patch Boys Digital Marketing

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About The Patch Boys

The Patch Boys is a national drywall repair and installation franchise with nearly 100 units across all 50 states. When the Kane County location came on board with us a few months ago, virtually all of their leads were coming in for over $20 each through HomeAdvisor. While these HomeAdvisor leads were generating business, the cost per lead was too high to sustain as their primary source of business. The owner wanted to develop other channels for acquiring leads at a lower price point.

At the beginning, the Patch Boys had a poorly-optimized Google My Business listing that was buried beneath their competitors.

Campaign Goals

The Patch Boys’ goal was to diversify their lead generation channels to attract high-quality leads at a cheaper cost.

Goal Measurement

Campaign goals were measured through the following metrics:

    1. Traffic from GMB to local pages on website — This meant increasing Google My Business rankings for a higher volume of keywords.  By doing this, those searching the web (via search engines like Google) for keywords related to The Patch Boys would naturally and effortlessly discover their website and/or GMB listing.

    2. Getting more calls — This meant optimizing the GMB listing and website with relevant information that can be easily found via keywords. 


The Patch Boys faced several challenges:

  1. The Patch Boys’ Google My Business listing was poorly optimized and poorly performing. They were showing up beneath a sea of other competitors.

  2. Their existing website was overly simplistic, with little SEO value and limited information for potential customers to read. It was ineffective at converting prospects to genuine leads.

Less than two months from when that initial report was created, the Patch Boys were generating well over 20 phone calls and 60 website visits each month through Google My Business—a marked improvement from where they were when we began. Let’s reverse-engineer how we did that.

Solutions -- Strategies & Tactics

1. Google My Business Optimization

A strong presence on Google My Business starts with a good foundation. To set up the Patch Boys for success, we first optimized their listing to put their best foot forward.

  1. Service areas — Because the Patch Boys is a service-based business model, we were able to take advantage of GMB’s ‘Service areas’ feature. We added a full 20 service areas that the Patch Boys of Kane County serves. Filling out the maximum of 20 service areas gave us the best chance to demonstrate proximity in different areas, which basically meant their listing could show up in more locations.

  2. Hours — Most businesses already know that they should be including their regular hours on their Google My Business listing. What many don’t know is that special (or holiday) hours are extremely important to outline as well. For the Patch Boys, we went in and specified which holidays were observed, and in what capacity. We did this for major holidays like Thanksgiving, and even some less-popular ones like Presidents’ Day. As with many things on Google, the more information, the better.

  3. Description — The description on Google My Business is the key place to tell customers what a particular business is all about. We wrote the Patch Boys a useful, keyword-rich description that not only told customers what services they offered, but which locations they offered them to.we gave customers an overview of the major services they offered and the areas they served. Not only did this help customers get the information they were looking for, it helped improve the Patch Boys’ Google My Business listing SEO as well. We gave customers an overview of the major services they offered and the areas they served. Not only did this help customers get the information they were looking for, it helped improve the Patch Boys’ Google My Business listing SEO as well.

  4. Reviews — Since we started managing the Patch Boys account, we have replied to every review a customer has left. Yes. Every. Single. One. Why? Because this shows Google that we are active on the listing and that we interact with our customers. And better interaction = higher rankings. If customers are polite enough to leave feedback, we always take the time to reply back to their comments (even the bad ones). It seems tedious in the moment, but it makes a difference. 


2. GMB Posting

A major component of success on Google is simply being active.

For the Patch Boys, one of the primary ways we did this was by posting daily to their GMB. These small snippets of information not only help the customer learn more about their business, but they also let Google know that they are present and involved. 

Coming up with a strong Google My Business posting strategy takes some planning. First, we thought about the products and services the business offers. We created some simple messages letting customers know about the Patch Boys’ offerings with posts like this:

We also used some pieces of the Patch Boys’ unique value proposition (UVP) as Google My Business content. To do this, we started by making a list of things that make them different from their competitors. The list included things like:

  • Same-day service
  • Online estimates
  • Industry certifications
  • Free quotes
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Excellent customer service
  • Black-owned

We communicated the Patch Boys’ unique value with posts like this:


Every once in a while, we talked about the overall value the Patch Boys provides and sprinkled some calls-to-action into their GMB posting strategy. Here’s an example of something we came up with: 


With the right set up an active management, we put the Patch Boys of Kane County on fast-track to Google My Business success.


WebRocket Digital believes in metric-driven approaches to deliver measurable results and improvements.  By staying true to these values, WebRocket was able to collaboratively work with each of its internal teams and the client to increase the number of leads and customers for The Patch Boys of Kane County.  Today, thanks to this dedication, we have a true success story on our hands — and one that is only growing more each day.

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