How We Achieved 25X ROI for a Local Chem-Dry Franchise With Google Ads

Chem-Dry Digital Marketing

Lead Generation Using Google Ads for Chem-Dry Carpet Cleaning Franchise

About City Wide Chem-Dry

City Wide Chem-Dry is the Sacramento branch of a leading national carpet and upholstery franchise, Chem-Dry. Renowned as the world’s Healthy Home AuthorityⓇ, Chem-Dry reinvented carpet cleaning with its innovative Hot Carbonating Extraction cleaning process, which uses 80% less water than steam cleaning and dries in less than half the time.

Campaign Goals

The owner of City Wide Chem-Dry was looking to boost his ROI from online marketing campaigns with PPC, or pay-per-click, advertising.

Goal Measurement

Campaign goals were measured through the following metrics:

  1. Cost per click— One of the primary goals of our efforts was to lower the cost of City Wide Chem-Dry’s PPC advertising. Driving down the cost per click allows us to generate more traffic to their website with the same or reduced ad spend. 
  2. Cost per contact— Cost per contact measures the average amount of ad spend required to achieve a phone call.
  3. Cost per customer— Cost per customer measures the average amount of ad spend required to achieve a phone call that converts to a booked job—a.k.a. a customer.
  4. Form fills— A form fill occurs when a customer provides their personal details (name, phone number, email, etc.) in exchange for more information about the business and its offerings. As a strong display of buyer’s intent, we sought to generate an increase in form fills when we took over City Wide Chem-Dry’s ad account.
  5. ROI— Perhaps the most direct testament to the success of a marketing campaign, ROI measures the number of dollars in revenue produced for every dollar spent. The goal was to drive this figure as high as possible.


We worked through several challenges to drive results. City Wide Chem-Dry was up against stiff competition in the highly-populated Sacramento area, so we had to come up with unique strategies—that their competitors weren’t already using—to achieve substantial returns.


Solutions — Strategies & Tactics

At WebRocket, one of the core pillars of our marketing philosophy is to always stay involved. Just as we do for all of our clients, we monitored City Wide Chem-Dry’s ad performance on a daily basis, making constant adjustments and tweaks until we found a winning strategy that outperformed all the rest. Once we achieved the initial goals of lowering costs and producing ROI, we kept digging to push the ads to perform even better.

Landing Page

One of the first things we did was create a mobile-responsive landing page to capture traffic from the ads. Mobile-responsive simply means the page functions on a mobile device just as it would on a desktop. Landing pages are preferred over sending traffic to the main website because they give the user all the information they need in one place, creating fewer dropoff opportunities. On the landing page, we focused on providing relevant information necessary for making a buying decision, along with apparent and regular calls-to-action to get the user to take the next step.


A primary thing that differentiates WebRocket from competitors in the digital marketing space is our emphasis on tracking. Why is this important? Because without proper tracking, it is impossible to measure the results of marketing efforts and determine which tactics, ads, or extensions perform the best. This leads to wasted ad spend and poorly optimized campaigns. At WebRocket, we track everything: calls, form fills, click-through-rate, and more. With the insights we gained from tracking, we were able to continually optimize City Wide Chem-Dry’s ad campaigns to improve their performance. We were able to dial in our efforts at a granular level to achieve the best results possible.


City-Wide Chem-Dry Case Study PPC 3
City-Wide Chem-Dry Case Study PPC 2


City Wide Chem-Dry now boasts enviable PPC performance, raking in scores of leads each month at a lower cost than ever achieved with their previous agency. We set out to increase their bottom line while reducing money spent on online advertising, and we were able to achieve exactly that.


Hear it directly from the owner: “I’ve used WebRocket for a while now. They are great! They did great designing my website and doing the SEO. They are always quick to respond when I have questions/concerns. I highly recommend them!”

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