Exactly How We Built a Website for a Local Carpet Cleaning Company that Tripled its Business

Carpet Cleaning Website

Conversion Optimized Website and Lead Generation for Carpet Cleaning Company

About HomePro

Fort Collins-based HomePro started off as a humble single-truck operation.

When they came on board with us in October of 2018, they were buried beneath their competition in the eighth spot on Google Maps for carpet cleaning in Fort Collins.

Now, go to your search bar and type in ‘carpet cleaning Fort Collins’. What shows up?

That’s right. Our long-time client, front and center. The impacts of this have been huge.

HomePro now generates over a million impressions for carpet cleaning searches and hundreds of qualified leads each year.

Campaign Goals

For the owner of HomePro, the goal was to improve their online visibility and optimize their website to attract more high-quality leads.

Goal Measurement

Campaign goals were measured through the following metrics:

  1. Phone calls — We used tracking numbers on the HomePro website and Google My Business listing to measure the number of phone calls we generated every month. Phone calls are considered high-intent actions because they are likely to convert to bookings.
  2. Form fills — A form fill occurs when a potential customer provides preliminary information such as their name, address, and the service they are interested in. This is one of the first points of contact for converting a website visitor to a booked job.


There were several hurdles to overcome in HomePro’s battle for a top spot:

  1. Located in heavily-populated Fort Collins, Colorado, HomePro had a vast number of competitors who were also vying for the top spot. We had to work especially hard to keep them ahead of the curve.
  2. The original HomePro website was poorly optimized and did not rank well on Google. They were hidden on the fifth page of organic search results.
  3. HomePro’s Google My Business listing had no reviews and ranked on the eighth page of results in Google Maps. This meant that hardly anyone was finding them through GMB.

Solutions — Strategies & Tactics

As a first step to achieving this, we built HomePro a brand new custom website that attracts leads like a magnet.

homepro carpet cleaning website

With its new user-friendly interface, added trust and clear calls-to-action, the new website enabled HomePro to acquire quality leads around the clock. This case study will break down all the details of how we used search engine optimization and website design to take this small carpet cleaning company to the top.


In order for customers to want to work with you, they first need to trust you.

There are several trust-building factors we incorporated to make potential customers feel confident that HomePro was a company that they could trust.


Before you even scroll halfway down the homepage, you will see HomePro’s industry certifications highlighted in the center of the page.

We’re firm believers in showing off certifications and affiliations. Displaying these badges helps communicate to customers that the team at HomePro are experts in their field, which makes them more likely to reach out and request a quote.

Unique Value Proposition (UVP)

carpet cleaning uvp

New customers have no way of automatically knowing what makes HomePro different from its competition—so the website tells them. We highlighted this information in its own section so that there was no mistaking why customers should choose HomePro over anyone else.


carpet cleaning unique value proposition

To do this, we thought about what made their business different from the rest. Some things that immediately stood out were that they were independently owned and offered online scheduling. Once we identified the things that set HomePro apart, we weren’t shy about communicating them to customers.


There is no one a customer trusts more than another customer. We dedicated a place on the new homepage to show HomePro’s website visitors what past homeowners had to say.

carpet cleaning reviews

And finally for the homepage, we pulled in reviews from several different platforms and put them all in one convenient place.

HomePro already had reviews on Google, Facebook and other platforms that could serve as instant social proof on their website. We incorporated these into the new design because reviews are often crucial pieces of information that customers use to make their final buying decision.

Ease of Use

We wanted to increase HomePro’s chances of converting a customer by making their website as intuitive and user-friendly as possible. Here are some of the ways we did this:

Floating Contact Form

On virtually any page you visit on the HomePro site, you will see a ‘Get Your Free Quote’ form hanging over to the right.

carpet cleaning contact form

Why? If the customer sees something on the website that prompts them to take action, this makes it as easy as possible for them to get in touch. Having this floating Contact section throughout the site serves as a constant reminder for the customer to actually contact HomePro if they want to schedule an appointment.

Online Booking

We integrated a custom online booking feature through HousecallPro to make it easier than ever for customers to price out their projects and book appointments right through the website.

Chat Widget

If a customer ever has a question while browsing the HomePro site, they can get a quick answer through the live chat feature. We have this positioned on the bottom right of every page for convenient access.

The chat widget makes it easy to get quick questions answered, and also serves as a low-pressure point of contact for new customers.


There you have it. What we did, step-by-step, to turn the HomePro Carpet Care website into a lead-generating machine. So what were the results?

Since coming on board with us, HomePro achieved a 273% surge in website calls, and a 233% increase in form fills.

Here's what the owner had to say!

“I’ve been with WebRocket Digital for about four months now and am really happy with the results. We’ve seen an increase in our online presence and the website they built for us is awesome! I highly recommend the team at Web Rocket Digital for your Design and SEO needs.”

– Marc Johnson

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