How a Multi-Location Carpet Cleaning Company Used Google My Business Optimization to Rise to the Top of Google Maps

Digital Marketing for Multi-Location Carpet Cleaning Company

About A Clean Carpet Co.

As its name suggests, A Clean Carpet Co is an independently-owned carpet cleaning company located in beautiful Whidbey Island, Washington. With a service area spanning the entire 37 mile length of the island, A Clean was located right in the center of tremendous untapped opportunity to attract new business online.

Campaign Goals

The owner of A Clean Carpet Co wanted to boost his online visibility and attract new customers using search engine optimization and Google My Business.

Goal Measurement

Campaign goals were measured through the following metrics:

    1. Phone calls — Using specialized tracking numbers, we recorded the number of phone calls A Clean Carpet Co received each month, and the growth in this number over time.

    2. Google My Business website visits — On Google My Business, we tracked the number of website visits to measure the volume of customers who displayed buyer intent by clicking through to the A Clean website to seek out more information.

    3. Search and Maps views — Search and Maps views are used to measure the sheer visibility of an online listing. Listings at the top of search results receive the lion’s share of impressions, so the more views a listing receives, the higher its ranking is likely to be. We recorded the number of views over time to determine if our efforts were leading to improved rankings.

    4. Getting more visitors to visit individual restaurant for a dine-in experience — This meant optimizing each location’s GMB listing with relevant information that can be easily found via keywords.  GMB posts and menu optimization coupled with driving directions and hours of operation helped drive more dine-in reservations.


A Clean Carpet Co. faced several challenges:

    1. A Clean Carpet Co started off with multiple Google My Business listings with several locations that overlapped. This meant that A Clean was essentially “cannibalizing” its own visibility on GMB by competing with itself. Before we could begin any optimization, we first had to find a logical way to sort them all out so that each listing had its own unique service area.

    2. A Clean Carpet Co’s website was outdated and severely underperforming when they first came on board with us. We needed to develop a fresh online presence and a solid SEO strategy to boost it to the top of Whidbey Island search results.


Solutions -- Strategies & Tactics

Website Tactics

A strong website is the backbone of any successful digital marketing campaign. So we began our work by giving A Clean Carpet Co a modern, SEO-friendly online home base. Here are some of the components that went into this:

1. Trust

As any savvy digital marketer knows, trust is an absolutely crucial pillar of marketing strategy. Why? Because no matter how fancy a website looks or how much traffic you generate, people simply do not buy from businesses they don’t trust. One of the first things we did when building the A Clean website was build trust on the homepage by showcasing a customer review right in the hero section.

We also added trust further down the page by referencing past clients:

And finally for the homepage, we pulled in reviews from several different platforms and put them all in one convenient place.

These badges, reviews, and other forms of social proof are so important because they signal to potential customers that a business is trusted by others, thereby improving its credibility. By building trust on the primary landing page of the site, we set the stage for increased conversions as customers moved throughout the user journey.

2. Strong Calls-to-Action

While the majority of information on a site should be value adding—providing information, building trust, etc.—a healthy number of calls-to-action (CTAs) is critical for getting customers to take the next step. On the A Clean Carpet Co website, we made it very clear what we wanted customers to do, and then we gave them ample opportunity to do it.

Here’s an example from the hero section of the homepage:

And another from the homepage footer:

And yet another from the website header: 


As a general rule in marketing, you never want to assume the customer knows what you want them to do—you have to tell them. Armed with this knowledge, we called customers to action at several points throughout their user journey. Without being overly aggressive, we gave customers a nudge to do exactly what we wanted them to do—reach out for a quote! 

Google My Business Tactics

Over the past several years, Google My Business has occupied an increasing large share of real estate in local search results.

When you search for virtually anything within a particular location, the first thing you will see below paid ads is a map and a list of three to four local businesses relevant to the search. These fall into what is called the “Map Pack,” and it’s the place to be if you want to attract the most customers for your service-based business.

Over the course of our relationship with A Clean Carpet Co, we have been hard at work getting—and keeping—their three listings within the Map Pack. Here are some of the things we did:


  1. 1. Location targeting with the ‘Service areas’ feature
  2. Keyword targeting with the ‘Services’ feature
  3.  Daily posting
  4.  Frequently adding new photos
  5. …and more!
 The first step was optimizing the listings as thoroughly as possible. We filled out the profile for each location completely with information like hours, services, the phone number, and a detailed SEO description. From there it was a matter of being consistent in posting updates and new photos to keep the momentum going. The key takeaway—proper optimization is essential to get going on GMB, but after that, consistency is key.


So, were our local SEO efforts worth it for A Clean Carpet Co? We’ll let you be the judge.

Oak Harbor Results

Freeland Results

Coupeville Results


WebRocket Digital believes in metric-driven approaches to deliver measurable results and improvements.  By staying true to these values, WebRocket was able to collaboratively work with each of its internal teams and the client to increase the number of customers for A Clean Carpet Co.  Today, thanks to this dedication, we have a true success story on our hands — and one that is only growing more each day.

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